Slip & Trip

We cover Trip & Slip Accident for various environments, from roads, footpath, pavement, to commercial premises and workplace. The cause of this type of accident is generally down to defected paths (i.e. unfinished road work, cracked pavements, hidden dangers), slippery floors due to water and slippery flooring as itself, such as lament flooring, etc. It also can be down to an object being misplaced (such occurrences are in workplaces.)

What is required by those whom are responsible

  1. Commercial premises - By law all commercial premises are required to keep their premises safe for their employee’s, employer, and their consumers and fail to do so makes it easier for the injured party to claim against them.
  2. Footpath, roads and pavements – Again ensuring that any repairs occurring, damaged pathways, roads or pavements are secure from any chance of injury occurring and the public being aware through signs.
  3. Workplaces – Again like commercial premises, workplace are bound by the Health and Safety 1998 Act to make sure that their staffs and consumers are secure from all harm within their premises through carrying out regular maintenance and inspection of the premises.

What evidence is required and why it is crucial

This type of accident is very common and happens on a daily basis. It is very important that you take photographs of the scene instantly and gather witness’s details. And if somebody is with you its better if they assist you or do the job for you if you’re injured. This crucial evidence can make the claim successful or unsuccessful. The reason is that the cause of the accident, such as water is easily removed and can make it hard to implicate that it was there without photos or witness statements. Also because the courts take consideration of the environment the accident happened in. For further advice please contact us.