Road Traffic

Road Traffic Accident is an accident where some vehicles have been apart of a collision. If you were either a driver, a passenger, a motorcyclist or a pedestrian in the incident and you were not the parties at fault, then you are eligible to make a claim and receive compensation.

How do I know if I been in a Road Traffic Accident?

If any of the key point(s) below apply to the incident that you have been involved in, then it classes as a Road Traffic Accident.

  1. Accident involving car drivers, where another driver has damaged your car through negligence.
  2. Accident involving cyclist riders, where you the cyclist could have been involved in a collision with another vehicle(s).
  3. Accident where you the pedestrian could have been hit by a motor vehicle.
  4. Accident where an animal, excluding wild animal, has been involved in a collision with your vehicle and the owner of the animal is negligent.

Types of Road Traffic Accident claims you can make:

  • Motorbike Accident Claim

  • Whiplash Claim

  • Uninsured Driver(s) Claim

  • Untraced Driver(s) Claim

Getting the compensation amount you're entitled to

In order to receive the entitled compensation amount, it's important that you see your GP or visit hospital soon after the accident to acquire a medical assessment. The medical record of the assessment proves injuries you've claims to have sustained from the accident. Fighting for injury compensation without the backing of a medical record commonly results in a reduced compensation amount given or none at all.