Replacement Taxi, Private
Hire, Car, Multi-Seater,
9-Seater and Prestige

Royal Claims have a fleet of vehicles, including taxis, cars, multi-seaters, private hires, and prestige vehicles.

All vehicles are given to the customer specified and licensed for the relevant taxi licensing local authority. Royal Claims issues licensed vehicles nationwide, matching vehicles to the requirements of local authorities.


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Private Hire

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What is credit hire?

Credit hire is where a like-for-like vehicle is provided on credit to the parties whose vehicles have been damaged in an accident and they were not at fault.

Arranging credit hire

If we are confident that the costs of the hire vehicle can be recovered from the party who was at fault for the accident then a vehicle will be issued. However, ultimately the hire costs remain the liability of the hirer.

Recovery of costs

Royal Claims recovers the costs of hire from the party at fault when the claims settled in the claimant's favour.