Privacy Policy

Royal Claims is dedicated to making sure that your privacy is secured. The policy is designed to inform you of how we gather information required to make your claim, including incident details, and personal details. How you may approach us regarding the extent of use of the information you provide. Thirdly to reassure you of the process used by Royal Claims with respect to protecting the information provided by you through various means. For instance, in person, by post or via email.

The information you provide and how it's used

Any information provided by you or requested by one of our representatives is processed in accordance with The Data Protection Act 1998, so it is secured from any unauthorised person. We will ensure that your details do not get passed on to any third-party company, other than our legal team, and in cases where a courtesy car is requested, then also the company who provides the courtesy car. Other than these people, our representatives also have access to the details. Any data sent to us through our website "" is protected by the use of spam filters and encryption, so no other site or unauthorised person can steal, modify, or read the information submitted.

How the information is protected

The internet is not the safest place to send personal details, but we reassure you that the data on our servers are protected by a firewall, so only authorise personal can access the server and the data Any information submitted to us, is protected by encryption, so only we can decrypt the information in order to view the details. For all manual or paper-based print outs of information or forms are stored securely in a key lock filing cabinet. Plus we have 24hr security sensors around our premises, so it protected by breaking in or theft.

Your permission

Please withhold from submitting any information about you, unless you consent to us holding your information, in order to provide you with our services. Situations other than this give you the right to be forgotten from our system (see page two of Terms & Conditions for further details). All details are held as stated in this Privacy Policy. You will be notified of any amendments of the Privacy Policy via any contact means you have provided us. Continuing the use of our service implies 100% compliance of the Privacy Policy on your part.


We respect the information that you provide us and we will not use it in any way to send you marketing materials via fax, telephone, e-mail or post, etc. Unless you give us your consent to send you any marketing materials we have.

Reaching us

If you would like the give your point of view on our service or the Privacy Policy then please do not hesitate to contact us.