No Win No Fee
How it works!

Every claim that is made through us or any claim management company incurs fees.

The fees incurred are dependent on the type of claim being made. Such fees can be for the utilization of a court, medical records, and other services.

Your case will be run on a No Win No Fee basis by the solicitors. The Defendant will also be liable for legal costs if the claim against him/her is successful.

No Win No Fee* - If your claim is unsuccessful, then you are not responsible for any costs except where dishonesty, false information or fraud, etc. has been identified. However if the claim is successful, then the solicitor will deduct their costs from your compensation as agreed.

Typically, customers pay 25% of the amount recovered, although this may be subject to your individual circumstances and the actual amount could vary.

Termination fees may apply in the event that you terminate the agreement with your solicitor, other than during the cancellation period. Please discuss this directly with your solicitor.

If you lose the case? There are several options available to make sure that you can cover your costs if this happens. Please discuss this directly with your solicitor to find the best option for you.

For further information in regard to what fees you might be liable for or any other questions related to this matter, please contact us on 0121 373 7777.