Complaints Policy
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  1. 1.1.4 Complaints about other firms

    On occasion, Mr. Ali might decide that a complaint received by Ansar Ltd is in fact wholly or partially a complaint about another firm. For example, the complaint may actually be about the activities of another firm with which Ansar Ltd works closely.

    If it is decided that the complaint solely concerns another firm, the details of the complaint will be forwarded to that firm. A Final Response letter will be sent to the complainant, explaining that the complaint has been forwarded to the other firm. The letter will give the other firm's contact details and summarise the reasons why Ansar Ltd believes the complaint does not relate to us. However, the complainant must be allowed to appeal against any decision that the complaint does not relate to us, so the Final Response will give details of the complainant's right to refer the matter to the FOS, and the FOS leaflet will be sent with the Final Response.

    If it is decided that the complaint relates partially to Ansar Ltd and partially to another firm, then Ansar Ltd will continue its investigations into the part of the complaint which concerns us. The part which concerns another firm will be forwarded to them and the complainant shall be informed in writing that this has occurred.

    In the event, that Ansar Ltd receives a complaint forwarded from another firm it will deal with the matter in the same way as all other complaints received from or on behalf of the customer.

  1. 1.1.5 Actions to be taken once a complaint has been closed

    Records need to be kept of which products and/or business areas the complaints received by Ansar Ltd relate to. This will allow Ansar Ltd to identify any trends which may need to be addressed.

    However, even a single complaint could necessitate Ansar Ltd taking action. Once a complaint has been closed, Mr. Ali will consider the lessons to be learned from the complaint, and whether any of the following are required:

    • A change to the firm's practices or procedures

    • Additional training for the staff member(s) concerned with the complaint

    • Additional training for all staff

    • Disciplinary action against the staff member(s) concerned with the complaint

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