Complaints Policy
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  1. 1.1.2 How will a complaint be investigated?

    Ansar Ali will be responsible for investigating complaints. Mr. Ali may on occasion delegate some of the work involved in a complaint investigation, but he retains overall responsibility for the investigation and will have the final say on whether to uphold or reject a complaint and on the redress (if any) to be offered to the customer.

    The first step will be to send a complaint acknowledgment letter to the complainant within five business days of receiving the complaint. This letter will summarise the complaint as Ansar Ltd understands it and explain the investigation process to be followed.

    Mr. Ali will consider all available evidence, such as the firm's records of dealings with that customer, when investigating a complaint. If necessary, he will contact the complainant with any queries, or to seek further evidence. If necessary, he will also interview staff members who have dealt with the customer in question to seek their recollections.

    Based on this evidence Mr. Ali Ansar Ltd will then reach a decision as to whether the complaint is justified, and whether the complaint should be upheld, partially upheld, or rejected. If he decides that the customer has been disadvantaged as a result of the way Ansar Ltd handled the issue, then he will also make a decision as to what redress, financial or otherwise, would be appropriate.

    It should be noted that the burden of proof used when investigating complaints is not the same as the 'beyond reasonable doubt' principle used in criminal courts. It is not up to either side to prove whether a particular event occurred, and if there is conflicting evidence, Ansar Ltd must make its decision based on the 'balance of probabilities', i.e. what it believes is most likely to have happened.

  1. 1.1.3 Notifying the outcome of investigations

    Immediately such a decision is reached, Ansar Ltd will send a letter to the complainant, known as a Final Response letter. This letter will set out whether the complaint is being upheld, partially upheld or rejected, and explain the reasons as to why such a decision has been reached. Details will also be given in this letter of any redress, financial or otherwise, is offered.

    Where it is judged that financial loss has occurred as a result of the firm's actions, then the level of financial redress paid for this should be sufficient to put the customer back in the position they would have been in had they not been disadvantaged by the firm's actions.

    It may also be appropriate to offer an additional payment for material distress or material inconvenience.

    Regardless of the decision, Ansar Ltd reaches on a complaint, the complainant must be given the right to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). A complainant might, for example, disagree with the decision to reject a complaint, or might think that insufficient redress has been offered, and in each of these circumstances they have the right to ask the FOS to adjudicate on the matter.

    The Final Response letter will inform the complainant that they have six months from the date of the letter to refer the complaint to the FOS. A copy of the FOS leaflet entitled 'Your complaint and the ombudsman' will be enclosed with the letter.

    Ansar Ltd will endeavour to complete all of its complaint investigations as soon as possible. But in the unlikely event that it is unable to complete these investigations within eight weeks of the date of receiving the complaint, then it will write to the complainant advising them of this and informing them of the reasons for the delay and the length of time it believes it will take to complete the investigations. If a letter of this nature is sent to the complainant, then the letter also needs to give details of their right to refer the complaint to the FOS, and the FOS leaflet needs to be enclosed with the letter.

    Ansar Ltd will co-operate fully with the FOS should a complaint be referred to them and will comply promptly with their requests for information.

    In the event that Ansar Ltd disagrees with the decision made by a FOS adjudicator, it has the option of an appeal an Ombudsman. No further appeals procedure is available to Ansar Ltd after this, and we must accept the decision made by the Ombudsman if the customer also accepts it. In these circumstances, we must also comply with the redress instructions of the FOS.

    Please note however that the requirement to make the complainant aware of the FOS does not apply if the complaint is 'time barred'. The FOS will not consider a complaint if it is more than six years since the event the customer is complaining about, or if later, it is more than three years since the customer should reasonably have known that there were grounds for complaint.

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