Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why should I choose Royal Claims?

A: We work with some of the specialist personal injury solicitors across the UK to get you the best amount of compensation for your injuries and other losses such as Loss of Earnings etc.

Q2. After an accident how long have I got to claim?

A: After an accident you have a period of 3 years in which you are eligible to make a claim.

Q3. How long will my claim take?

A: No one can give a date of when once claim will conclude, as there are too many factors in the processing of a claim, which are not under our control. For instance,

  1. Getting the party of fault to accept liability etc
  2. Getting medical evidence for the personal injury component of a compensation

However, we can say that from past claims, we can establish on average our claims have settled within a reasonable time. This may not always be the case as not every case is the same.

Q4. Who will handle my claim?

A: Royal Claims will appoint a solicitor to handle your claim from start to finish.

Q5. How often will I receive updates?

A: The solicitor that is working on your claim will update you where there is a development in your claim.

Q6. How much compensation will I receive?

A: Compensation amount depends on your circumstance. Factors such as type of injuries sustained, losses, property damages influence the compensation amount you will receive.

Q7. Are the details I send using the web form secure?

A: The only data sent through our website is your name and contact number, both details can only be seen by Royal Claims and our legal panel.

Q8. Am I required to have a medical check by my doctor?

A: Yes it is advisable that you attend hospital or your GP. This is to ensure that you injuries are medically checked and also to make a contemporaneous record of your accident and injuries. The Defendant's Insurance company will often request copies of your medical records to see what medical attention you needed after the accident.

Q9. Will I need to meet a solicitor?

A: You may need to meet a solicitor or you can arrange to speak with them over the phone. If you sustained injuries it's compulsory that you see a doctor and obtain a medical record ASAP. You must also report any accident or incident to the police and they will in return give you a crime reference number.

Q10. Do I have to attend court?

Very few cases do not settle before reaching the final court hearing and in this circumstance, you may have to attend the court. In the scenario that you have to attend the court, your solicitor will instruct a barrister to attend with you and they would represent you at court. Prior to the court hearing, the barrister will be informed on all the necessary case details by your solicitor.