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Making a claim

Q1. Am I required to have medical check by my doctor?

A: Yes you must attend hospital or your GP and obtain a medical report. With out this we cannot provide our lagal panel with adequate and legally sufficient information regarding your injuries. This is how the amount of compensation you deserve will be worked out.

Q2. After an accident how long have I got to claim?

A: After a accident you have a period of 3 years in which you are eligible to make a claim.

Q3. How much compensation will I recieve?

A: Compensation amount depends on your circumstance. Factors such as type of injuries sustained, losses, property damages influence the compensation amount you will recieve. For a rough guide visit compensation amount page.

Q4. How long will my claim take?

A: No one can give a date of when once claim will conclude, as there are two many factors in the processing of a claim, which are not under our control. For instance,

  1. Getting the party of fault to accept liability etc
  2. Getting medical evidence for the personal injury component of a compensation

However we can say that from past claims, we can establish on average our claims have settle within resonable time. This may not always be the case as not every case is the same.

Q5. Is there a lot of paper work to fill in?

A: There is most definatly paperwork but all you have to do is fill in an claim form and if you can not do so we are here to assist you where you may require assistance. If you choose the option of claiming via our website, then the details you send will be copied to the paper based claim form and then will call you for further details.

Q6. How often will I receive updates?

A: You will be notified every time there is a development or any time there may be some problem. You can also call us if you ever need to check the progress of your claim. For contact information visit the contact us page.

Q7. Do I have to attend court?

A: In most cases you do not have to attend court but in some rare cases it might be the case where you must attend court in person, if this is the case you will be notified well in advance.

Q8. Will I need to meet a solicitor?

A: You may need to meet a solicitor or you can arrange to speak with them over the phone. If you sustained injuries its compulsory that you see a doctor and obtain a medical report ASAP. You must also report any accident or incident to the police and they will in return give you a crime reference number.

Q9. Why should I choose Royal Claims?

A: Staff at Royal Claims try thier best with the the help of out highly thought of and highly experienced legal team to get you the best amount of compensation for your injuries or loss of earnings or damaged property. We also provide free:

  1. Advice
  2. Home visits
  3. Initial and follow-up appointments

Q10. Who will handle my claim?

A: Our staff at Royal Claims accident management alongside our highly praised legal panel will do everything in our power to get you the largest amount of compensation and try to negotiate your claim as far as legally possible.

Q11. Are the details I send using the web form secure?

A: The data sent via the web form is secured so you can rest assured, all of your details can only be seen by Royal Claims Accident Management employees and our legal panel once they decide to take the claim on.


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